Wow! What a Weekend: My Blogcademy Review

Photobooths, sparkly ears, three of the biggest names in blogging. These are the hallmarks of the Blogcademy. Not to mention the legions of loyal Blogcadettes, who are undoubtedly the coolest people on the planet. My fellow Auckland blogcadette Angie, wrote this amazing overview of what the Blogcademy is really all about. So I don’t need to. Instead I want to share my own, personal experience of the Blogcademy with you.


Blogcademy was scary, scary, scary. Knowing my wee blog was going under the microscope of my blogging idols made me quiver in my Jeffrey Campbell booties. Time to be brave, put on my big girl heels and to quote Nike, just do it!

And boy am I glad I did! Day one was hard, I was quiet, in the corner, confronting the insecurities that nearly led me to not registering in the first place. What is so special about me that people would want to read what I write? What knowledge to I have to impart that someone else doesn’t have and can’t share with others more succinctly, more humorously, more intelligently, more anything really. It’s hard sitting there, trying to brainstorm the beginnings of a rad new bio when you’re swimming in self-doubt.

The first domino fell when I wore my sparkly ears to lunch. People did stare and I didn’t give a toss! Stare away, my ears are fabulous. In reality, I am incredibly sure of myself and it might take time but dam right I can translate that onto online.


Hard at work taking down Kat’s wisdom

Domino two tumbled at the end of day one when I approached Miss Gala Darling herself for a wee chat. If you want to talk to someone about the value of your individual personality and how letting that shine must trump all else, then there is no one better.

The third domino fell when fellow Blogcadette Zoe started talking about this video I linked to awhile back and I thought “Wow, people are not only reading but TALKING about my content” – big moment.

By the end of Day One, it was absolutely clear that the Blogcademy was an absolute gamechanger for me. After spending most of my evening going over my notes, scribbling ideas and drafting new posts (the general lack of sleep by the Blogcadettes is testament to how inspired we all were, sleeping simply wasn’t on the agenda that night).


Admiring our photobooth prowess

Day two I was confident, in the front row, asking questions,¬†squeezing every last drop out of this incredible experience. The most magnificent thing about the Blogcademy is the headmistresses themselves. I know I wasn’t the only one that got one on one time with all three of these wondrous babes. Everything they had to say was supremely positive and oodles of actionable advice. I even got to sit down with Shauna and go over the design of my site so I know what stays and what must definitely go when I do a major overhaul (watch this space!).


Me with the uber amazing Headmistresses; Shauna, Gala and Kat

Talking to Gala, Kat and Shauna, learning about their own humble blogging beginnings and realising how similar to mine they were, makes my blogging dreams seem that much more attainable. Especially now I’m armed with all of their kick-arse knowledge. No doubt I will make plenty of mistakes of my own as I work out what works for me and for you, my readers. Now I know I can do it, and I hope you will take the journey with me as I action the mile long to do list that is a result of this incredible experience.


Class photo: Jazz Hands!

The Blogcademy is more than sparkles, fun, blogging and amazing new friends (the reviews that say you will meet your people, all true!). The experience will hit you like the proverbial bus and absolutely be one of the landmark experiences of your life. It will change you, bring you to a deeper understanding of who you are. Prepare to be challenged, prepare to be inspired, prepare to not sleep and work harder than you ever have before. Prepare to laugh so hard you cry. And most importantly, prepare to wear ears that sparkle!

All photos by Jel Photography 

2 thoughts on “Wow! What a Weekend: My Blogcademy Review

  1. Rad recap lady! I was in Melbourne Class Two – you’re right, Blogcademy is an absolute game changer. Haha and I also got to sit down one-on-one with Shauna to discuss blog layout and branding! I don’t have a technically-minded bone in my body though, so she showed me some awesome templates to get started :) Can’t wait to see how your blog takes shape! MJ x

    • All of headmistresses are amazing for spending so much one on one time with the students. I loved, loved, LOVED your recap, sounds you have been on as much a journey with this experience as I have :D so exciting to see how all of the Blogcadettes’ blogs will evolve over the coming months!

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